Vocational School for Computer Programming certified by MEST and accredited by NQA, level 5 according to NQF.

Vocational School for Computer Programming certified by MEST and accredited by NQA, level 5 according to NQF.

List of Subjects

Accredited by the National Qualifications Authority

The Professional Software Development Program corresponds to the 5th level of the National Qualifications Framework that consists of 4 semesters. Finally, the first three semesters will focus on theoretical and practical aspects, while the fourth semester will be a internship at one of the IT industry companies with which PROED has a cooperation agreement.

Professional Software Development Diploma is awarded only after the student has reached the 120 credit ECVET level, which includes a period of internship of at least 20 ECVET (12 weeks). This program has been developed on the principles of combining theoretical study with a practical approach.

Software Developer

The program is more focused on a practical approach - "learning by practicing"

This program, other than professional and technical training, also enables social formation, as PREOD's graduate professionals are expected to work in the future team in their workplace in the field of information technology

  • Programming and databases
  • Development of desktop applications
  • Developing WEB applications 
  • Mobile application development

Do you want to work on information technology such as:

  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • WEB Developer
  • Administrator / Database Developer
  • IT Consultant

  • Software Tester

Facts and cost


  • Qualification: Professional Program - Software Developer
  • ECVET & Semesters: 120 ECVET & 4 semesters
  • Internship: 12 weeks internship in the fourth semester (last)

  • Language in which program is organized: Albanian

  • Number of students: 40 ( for each census )

Modules and ECVET credits


Code Module Credits
 CS01 Computer Architecture and Operating Systems 6
 CS02 Introduction to Programming 6
 CS03 Introduction to the Databases
CS04 Algorithms and Data Structure 6
 CS05 English Language for ICT
 CS06 Target oriented programming
 CS07 Developing WEB applications 
 CS08 Entering Computer Networks 5
 CS09 Computer Engineering 6
CS10 Mobile Application Development 6
CS11 Online Programming 6
CS12 entrepreneurship degree 5
CS13 Advanced WEB Application Development 6
CS14 Software testing 6
 CS15 Advanced Databases
CS16 Parallel Programming 6
CS17 Mobile Application Development 6
CS18 Internship 6
Total ECVET 120
Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4


Our students will conduct internships in the last semester in any of the companies with which PROED has a cooperation agreement. The internship lasts for 12 weeks and is associated with 20 ECVET credits.

Students during internships will not get paid. For students who have good results in studies and prove professionalism during internship, there are good opportunities for employment.

The curriculum

Curriculum of the Software Developer Program The software was prepared by our staff, experts and external professionals, from the academic and IT industry. The curriculum of the program has been developed based on two main principles:

  • Programs of countries that have the best professional education in the IT field as well
  • Labor market needs, at the country and abroad level.


The regulations on which the operation of the PROED school is based are numerous and will soon be presented on the PROED website.

Learning Methods


The aim of our program is to focus on preparing our students for problems in the "real world". Our motto is "Real Life Education".

Since Information Technology is a day-to-day field, we at PROED will constantly strive to update and further develop our curriculum in cooperation with the best professionals from our country and abroad to pursue the latest trends in the IT field.

Another feature that characterizes our school is our learning environment. We try to combine academic, social and practical aspects so that they can be independent students. Linking theory and practice combining with personal reflection remains the absolute essence of our study programs.



PROED offers a modern academic and laboratory space from which our students can benefit at any time. Software and software tools needed for study

PROED offers various software programs and tools for our students, so that they have the practical opportunity to implement what is learned in theory to be implemented in practice.

Call for regestration

 Professional High School PROED announces competition for enrollment of young students in Software Development Program.

Invest in the future, be part of the most sought-after profession in the world.

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The Professional High School for Education in Programming PROED, established in 2016 in Pristina, accredited by the National Qualification Authority by decision no. 01-71 dated 08.02.2017, and licensed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo.

Adresa: Lagjja Kalabria e Re, rr. Sylejman Vuçiterrna 33 Prishtinë, 10000  Kosovë