Vocational School for Computer Programming certified by MEST and accredited by NQA, level 5 according to NQF.

Vocational School for Computer Programming certified by MEST and accredited by NQA, level 5 according to NQF.

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Accredited Institution

PROED is a senior vocational training school based in Pristina and is accredited by the National Qualifications Authority.  
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ProEd School

PROED is a vocational school engaged in education and vocational training in the field of information technology (IT), respectively in computer programming.

Curriculum and list of modules for professional qualification The Software Developer have been prepared with special care in order to respond to market demands in the field of IT, respectively the requirements for computer programmers and software developers. The program at PROED is focused on these areas:

  • Development of Desktop Applications
  • Develop Web Applications
  • Development of Mobile Applications and
  • Database Development

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Why should you start a career in programming?


Occupation that Guarantees Employment in technology

Programming is one of the most sought-after professions in the region and the world, so this kind of education guarantees the future.


Professional teams that guarantee high results

Professional professions made up of different language programmers guarantee success and high achievement.


Professional Diploma as a Software developer with 120 ECVET credits.

The professional program as a software developer will provide you with general knowledge and 120 ECVET credits.


Small working teams for great performance

Work with small teams focused on developing skills in programming and project guidance.

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The Professional High School for Education in Programming PROED, established in 2016 in Pristina, accredited by the National Qualification Authority by decision no. 01-71 dated 08.02.2017, and licensed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo.

Adresa: Lagjja Kalabria e Re, rr. Sylejman Vuçiterrna 33 Prishtinë, 10000  Kosovë